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Writing, editing and proofreading a book is already a challenging process.

Then, finding a publisher for it is even more challenging. Thanks to Lincoln Publishers, I did not have to worry about looking at separate avenues for different services. I found everything in one place. Emma, one of my connecting end put my ideas into words and helped me get my work recognized with a touch of perfection.

Jonathan Walters

Emma was great to work with.

Emma was great to work with. Five🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. She helped this first time author with professional and courteous advice. I will definitely work with her again.


Such a life-changing experience. Highly recommended!

It was a pleasure working with Lincoln Publishers when I was writing my first book. The exceptional content they created for me earned them a lifetime loyal customer! With their excellent customer service, they’ll have many more loyal clients like me but I am sure, I will still be their top priority, just as all other customers.

Mark Grimaldo

An overall wonderful and rewarding experience

Ever since I have started getting articles written from Lincoln Publishers, my website's ranking has significantly gone up within a month. I recommend you all to avail of their service for your benefit.

William Kristoffersen

I would like to say thanks to David Harvey for his hard work of many days in keeping an open communication on the status of printing my cookbook.

To be a first-time author I was amazed of how he has shown tremendous character by helping me to ensured everything got done, even during such a busy time. I am glad to know that I can depend on him. He has follow through the process in getting the books printed and is overseeing my cookbook to be placed on multiple platforms to name a few, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. His exceptional work ethic does not go unnoticed. Thanks again David.

Billie Eustice


Lost my first book to a predator agent who plagiarized my story.

My second was left to die, buried so deeply, it was nearly choked out of existence. Then I was referred to Lincoln Publishers on my third book. From the onset I was pleasantly surprised and expertly guided through the process by my Project Mgr., April Matthews, all the way to publishing with comradarie and confidence in its success. Wouldn't want anyone else to take this journey with me. Thank you April! :-)

Effie Livingston


I'm a first-time author and from my initial call with David to working with April,

I have been pleased with each phase of getting my book published. I could never had done it without these two. I was a nervous wreck and they kept me calm and gave me the confidence I needed to get my work out there.

Maria Duncan


The team with David Harvey has been a pleasure to work with.

On creating my book cover as well as formatting and publishing a Paperback and Hardcover book on Amazon KDP. They worked quickly and they promptly answered my questions. I recommend them to anyone publishing a book.

Joseph Rodriguez


David, April, and the rest of my Lincoln Publishers team were patient and helpful.

As a newbie to publishing, there was a lot of going back and forth. I am happy with the results of my now published book.

Claudette Martinez


Referred and Happy!!

I was referred to Lincoln Publishers by an individual at Mercer University Press. I’ve had 2 other works published by a different publisher, but this experience was far better! Here I have been treated with respect, been given answers to questions, and have enjoyed regular and frequent communication with those helping me. I have been very impressed with the quick turnaround and quality of work. Thanks Emma Baker!!

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