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"With Lincoln Publishers, the author remains in control of their creations' rights and royalties. "

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Post writing a book, the author must move on to selecting their publishing route. Lincoln Publishers facilitates its clientele with self-publishing and traditional book publishing services. Upon confirmation, the draft of the book is edited; structural editing for organizing the storyline, content editing for rechecking factual accuracy, and technical editing for eliminating punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. The editors may once again proofread the book for feedback from critics post-editing. While engraving the corrected text, the design team designs a book cover to help covert readers and a publisher-ready description. After printing, the book will launch at retail stores and other online platforms. Last but not least, the book undergoes rigorous marketing to rank higher on the scale and increase sales.

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Understanding The Difference

An author may choose to retain the rights and royalties of their book, hence opting for self-publication. Here you're granted complete creative control as you bypass the industrial gatekeepers. The publishing timeline is also quicker when self-publishing. Otherwise, they may also choose to grant the rights and royalties to a book publishing company, thus, opting for traditional publishing. The cost of publishing a book is far more affordable than self-publishing. This method also offers greater mainstream exposure to the audience and easy access to awards.

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Publishing with Lincoln Publishers gives you direct access to book distribution networks around the world. Here's your next target:

  • Bookstores
  • Ebook retailers
  • Online stores
  • Brick-and-mortar book stores
  • Libraries
  • Universities

The Stages Of A Successful Book Publication

Reach your readership wherever they may be with #1 American publishing services.

We print and publish your book in several formats so that you may reach your audience in ways more than one.

We've established relationships with various digital platforms and brick-and-mortar stores to help launch your book in places where your audience will find you.

Why miss out on your audience because they don't read? We produce audiobooks to help your audience listen to your story on the go.

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